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Turkish Rug Dallas


Carpet, which is the traditional art of the Turks, has an important place in our art historyThe Pazyryk carpet, the oldest known carpet, was made by the Turks. Although not certain, we can state that carpet is a product brought to our civilization of Turks.

The reason why the carpet first developed in Central Asia is that the main economic resource of the Turks, who have a nomadic steppe culture, is animal husbandry.


Early Turkish Rugs

We come across the first knotted carpet samples in Turks living in Central Asia before the 3rd century. In the past, weaves similar to animal skins were obtained by knotting wool threads, and over time these weavings have become today’s carpets.


Seljuk Era

From the 11th century, the carpet started to spread from Central Asia to the West through the Seljuk Turks. Although carpet samples belonging to the Great Seljuk Empire have not been found, some carpet samples belonging to the Anatolian Seljuk Period are still available today. These 13th century rugs have dark blue and dark red soles and the motifs on the carpet are in light red or light blue. Although there are not many color varieties, the intensity of color use and the harmony created by geometric shapes inform you that you are looking at a work of art.


Ottoman Palace Rugs

In addition to the centuries-old development of Seljuk carpet art in Anatolia, a new carpet group draws the attention from the middle of the 16th century. Carpets are made with materials such as silk, wool, gold. Vivid and bright colors are dominant in the rich motif. In the second half of the 15th century, this type of carpet, different from the classical understanding of Anatolia, was called Ottoman palace rugs. Leaf and flower elements identified with the Ottoman art also found a place in carpet art. These carpets changed their style after Tabriz joined the Ottoman Empire. In this context, the patterns are fine and in some different varieties, and the Ghiordes Knot was abandoned and carpets were made with the Persian Knot, as it required care and delicacy in its construction. With Westernization, motifs such as baroque cartridges, rococo glazes, oyster shells, s and c folds still lives and landscapes were seen on the carpet.


The Value of Turkish Carpet

Hand-woven wool developed abundant in animal husbandry in Turkey constitute the core of the carpet. The wool yarns used in the warp and weft of the carpet are treated with natural root dyes in order not to fade quickly, and its durability has increased the life of the carpet. The high number of knots tied per square centimeter is another point that extends the life of the carpet.

Motifs such as diamond slice, cleft belly, hand on waist, rose, rosary, vase, wolf mouth, sword, eagle, double bow, cloud, cup, hand and hundreds of flowers, herbs and animals are known throughout the world by combining with the imaginations of Turkish girls, and it has become desirable.


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Rug Cleaning

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Top 10 Best Rug Store in Dallas, TX

Top 10 Best Rug Store in Dallas, TX

You can choose Dallas Carpet / Rug Cleaning, the best carpet cleaning company, the closest carpet cleaning company to you. Professional rug cleaning factories. Companies that are aware of their corporate responsibility.

Top 10 Best Rug Store in Dallas, TX

  • Everyone wants the carpets in their home to look clean and bright without losing the color of the first day and to be able to use their rugs for many years.
  • Dust accumulating on the carpets is removed with a broom machine while cleaning the house.
  • When drinks such as tea and coffee are spilled on them, they are wiped clean with temporary solutions.
  • However, these are not enough to clean the rug/carpet in the long run. Situations such as leaking of some stains to the bottom and continuous use cause the carpet to wear out.

At the same time, invisible creatures start to take their place in rugs that are not thoroughly cleaned for a long time. These can cause adverse health effects. Especially, the need for rug cleaning of people who have pets at home increases even more. All these reasons create the need for deep cleaning of carpets. For this cleaning, you can send your carpets to carpet cleaning companies for special washing.

How Should I Choose a Rug Cleaning Company?


  • Some products to be used during the carpet washing process may shorten the life of the carpet.
  • Shampoo or detergent choices that do not match the carpet texture, products with too high or too low pH value, bleaches damage the structure of the rug.
  • It also causes discoloration.
  • Another point to be considered in carpet washing is to wash the carpet fringes carefully. Since there are many carpet washing companies in the market, the options are also quite high.
  • For this reason, most people have trouble searching for a company or are not satisfied with the result of the company they find. Since many people want carpet washing to be economical, the company chooses low prices.

This choice may not always give correct results. Washing your carpet cheaply may seem advantageous in a short time, but this selection may result in renewing your carpet. Therefore, it is important to choose a competent, reliable, and quality company for carpet washing. With such a choice, you are more likely to be satisfied with the result and you will not be in constant search for a company. In addition, maintaining your carpet regularly with the same company strengthens the customer-company relationship. If you want your carpet to have a long-lasting and healthy use, you should have it thoroughly cleaned regularly.

Where, Which Companies Can I Find?

If you are looking for a rug cleaning company in Dallas – Texas, you should look for Nomads Loom. You will be satisfied with our service understanding that attaches importance to hygiene conditions, quality, reliable and customer satisfaction.

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Massage is the procedure performed on different tissues of the body with certain methods to regulate and improve the functioning of the muscle, nervous system, and blood flow. Massage that can be done with hands or with different tools is known for its relaxing effect. It is a technique that is also effective in relieving pain in different parts of the body.

Massage helps the tissues with more blood and therefore oxygen by expanding the capillaries. By increasing the blood circulation in the skin, it provides better and sufficient nutrition of the cells. In addition to all these benefits, massage helps to soften the skin by increasing the secretion of the sebaceous glands. Although it may seem like a luxurious activity most of the time, massage should also be considered as a medical treatment because of these and similar benefits. As Cyro Spa, we serve with different types of massage in the Farmer Branch Dallas area.


Swedish Massage

Although Swedish massage is generally used as an alternative treatment method to help some health problems, it is also preferred because it helps to get rid of the tension and stress experienced during the day. With this type of massage, the blood flow of the whole body or certain parts of the body is accelerated and tissue and cellular regeneration is provided. Thanks to Swedish massage, it has been observed that the metabolism is accelerated and regulated by the revitalization of cells and tissues and the acceleration of blood circulation.


Sports/Stretching Massage

It is a massage performed before or after sports activities and even during the activity. The most important feature that distinguishes sports massage from classical massage is that the rhythm, duration, and amount of pressure are different. In this type of massage, stimulating movements were more than other movements, and they vary according to the sport. Massage helps to reduce the fatigue substances that burden the body, and by protecting against the harmful side effects of muscle stiffness and cramps, it prevents muscle damage and fiber breakage. By increasing the blood flow, it enables the energy-giving nutrients to reach the tissues more easily and quickly and facilitates the work of the heart and circulatory system.


Hot Stone Therapy Massage

Hot stone massage therapy is a massage technique applied using smooth, hot stones. A massage therapist places hot stones on different parts of your body. Having a certain temperature and weight, these stones relax the muscles by heating and applying pressure. Therefore, the massage therapist can apply much harder applications to these areas without feeling discomfort.


Thai Massage

During the Thai massage, your clothes are on you, or a thin linen garment is provided to you upon your request. The most important thing here is that the pressure is applied while your body is stretched. While various stretching movements are applied to your neck, arms, hands, legs, and feet under the direction of the expert therapist on a semi-hard surface, the pressure is applied to certain parts of your body. What is important is that by touching certain energy points of the body, by relaxing the muscles in that area, a feeling of relaxation that spreads to the whole body is created.


Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point massage is a system that exists to relieve pain caused by muscle cramps and nerve contractions. This technique is a form of treatment applied to prevent the pain of the trigger points in the muscles and the spread of these pain to other muscles. It also aims to strengthen the painful area with exercise. Trigger point massage is an effective method for headaches, stiff neck, stiff waist, shoulder stiff and back pain. It relaxes the muscles and provides a feeling of relief by removing the pain.


Herniated Disc Massage

In this type of massage performed with fingers, the tissues are prepared with pre-massage as the first step and then the tissues are brought to the correct position by pushing the vertebrae with the thumb. This method can be applied to anyone except paralysis, cancer, and pregnant patients.


Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is special massage therapy for patients who have a cancer diagnosis or are recovering after cancer treatment. It works therapeutically to give a deep feeling of relaxation using expert techniques. Thanks to this massage during this difficult process, the stress level decreases the energy level of the body increases and helps to establish sleep patterns.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

It is a type of massage performed along the lymph flow lines on the body to stimulate the lymphatic system and regulate the movement of the fluid. It is widely used in cosmetics thanks to its bright and fast effect for improving the appearance. Cellulite treatment is recommended for getting rid of excess fat, solving the problem of under-eye bags, accelerating cellular regeneration, removing sagging skin, reducing wrinkles, improving body contours, and treating varicose veins.

If you are planning to have one of these massage types, as Cyro Spa, we are serving in Farmer Branch Dallas.

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Turkish Rug

Antique Rug Dallas




The Origin of Rugs

The common belief about the origin of the carpet is that it was produced as a result of the steppe culture and lifestyle. Nomads, who do not have settled life and choose the place to live according to seasonal conditions and carry their tents with them, set up their tents on the earth itself, not on artificial ground. However, one of the biggest challenges of this lifestyle is that the ground is uneven and cold. Faced with such a big problem, nomads had to find a solution with the means available to solve this problem.


The Oldest Rugs

As a result of the archaeological excavations, the date of construction of the oldest dated carpet is between B.C. 5.-3. Centuries. This carpet was found in the Altai Region of Siberia, which is within the borders of Russia today. This carpet is also known as Pazyryk because the region where the burial mound is located is Pazyryk and is exhibited in the Hermitage Museum in Russia.
Sheepskin skins were used in the production of this rug.


How To Tell If a Rugs Is Antique

In order for a carpet to be considered antique today, it must be approximately 100 years old. Although it is not easy to determine the exact age of a carpet, it is not always possible. In this context, in order to determine the exact or approximate age of the carpet, the patterns on this carpet, the history is woven, the style, and style of the textiles are guiding.


Which Materials Are Used In Antique Rugs?

In today’s world where production techniques are modernized and mass production is increasing, carpet production is commonly made with cotton and polyester materials. However, in the production of antique carpets, raw materials are used according to the characteristics of the time and region in which the carpet in question was produced. In this context, although it differs according to the regions where the carpet belongs, we see that materials such as wool, mohair, and silk are generally used in antique carpet making. To explain with an example, if an antique Isparta carpet is claimed to be made of wool, the carpet in question is probably not original. Because at the beginning of the 1900s, cotton from the Manchester region was used in the production of the carpet in question, and wool was never used.


The Type of Paint Used In Antique Rugs

In order for a carpet to be considered antique, madder must be used in the production of that carpet. Chemical dyes have been used in carpet production since the beginning of the 1900s. When trying to determine whether a carpet is antique or not, it will be useful to know that root dyes give a vibrant color and chemical dyes are homogeneously matte.


The Value of Rugs

Like every unique and precious piece, antique rugs are more valuable than other carpet types. In addition to the criteria mentioned above, the colors on the carpet, the weaving technique of the carpet, its size and condition are important in the appreciation of the value of an antique carpet.

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