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The Origin of Rugs

The common belief about the origin of the carpet is that it was produced as a result of the steppe culture and lifestyle. Nomads, who do not have settled life and choose the place to live according to seasonal conditions and carry their tents with them, set up their tents on the earth itself, not on artificial ground. However, one of the biggest challenges of this lifestyle is that the ground is uneven and cold. Faced with such a big problem, nomads had to find a solution with the means available to solve this problem.


The Oldest Rugs

As a result of the archaeological excavations, the date of construction of the oldest dated carpet is between B.C. 5.-3. Centuries. This carpet was found in the Altai Region of Siberia, which is within the borders of Russia today. This carpet is also known as Pazyryk because the region where the burial mound is located is Pazyryk and is exhibited in the Hermitage Museum in Russia.
Sheepskin skins were used in the production of this rug.


How To Tell If a Rugs Is Antique

In order for a carpet to be considered antique today, it must be approximately 100 years old. Although it is not easy to determine the exact age of a carpet, it is not always possible. In this context, in order to determine the exact or approximate age of the carpet, the patterns on this carpet, the history is woven, the style, and style of the textiles are guiding.


Which Materials Are Used In Antique Rugs?

In today’s world where production techniques are modernized and mass production is increasing, carpet production is commonly made with cotton and polyester materials. However, in the production of antique carpets, raw materials are used according to the characteristics of the time and region in which the carpet in question was produced. In this context, although it differs according to the regions where the carpet belongs, we see that materials such as wool, mohair, and silk are generally used in antique carpet making. To explain with an example, if an antique Isparta carpet is claimed to be made of wool, the carpet in question is probably not original. Because at the beginning of the 1900s, cotton from the Manchester region was used in the production of the carpet in question, and wool was never used.


The Type of Paint Used In Antique Rugs

In order for a carpet to be considered antique, madder must be used in the production of that carpet. Chemical dyes have been used in carpet production since the beginning of the 1900s. When trying to determine whether a carpet is antique or not, it will be useful to know that root dyes give a vibrant color and chemical dyes are homogeneously matte.


The Value of Rugs

Like every unique and precious piece, antique rugs are more valuable than other carpet types. In addition to the criteria mentioned above, the colors on the carpet, the weaving technique of the carpet, its size and condition are important in the appreciation of the value of an antique carpet.

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What are Turkish rugs made of



What are Turkish rugs made of

What are Turkish rugs made of

Ask where a rug originated. no longer they all come from Turkey. a few come from Anatolia, Iran, Afghanistan, and different neighboring nations.

  • What is a Turkish Carpet Made of?

Handmade rugs and kilims rugs are greater costly than system-made, but the distinction in first-class is apparent. only a few carpets are handmade these days, so they’re rare finds. a hand-crafted rug can also have some imperfections, but the ones best heighten the overall aesthetic.

  • Anatolian Carpets central Asia

A hand-knotted Turkish carpet is made of natural materials. Traditionally speaking, Turkish rugs – wool cotton is crafted from comparable materials as different Oriental and Persian rugs although they are of different characteristics.

  • Are chemical dyes used in Turkish oriental rugs?

Dyes utilized in oriental rugs may be synthetic or natural. Synthetic dyes are constituted of chemical factors while natural dyes are received from plants, minerals, and insects.

All vintage hand spun or silk rug from the vital Anatolian place of Turkey. it’s miles made with wool on cotton foundation and primary colorations in an easy geometric triple medallion design.  The rug is perfect for an entry or an extensive hall.

The eastern and central regions of the Turkish Anatolian peninsula have been host to a wide type of tribal carpet traditions. throughout the 19th century and start of the 20th century, peoples of Turkish, Armenian, and Kurdish origin have been all active manufacturers within the mountainous, sparsely populated districts, where situations of isolation and cultural awareness have led to fairly one-of-a-kind local styles. In construction, color, and artistry, those people’s artwork traditions have an awful lot in commonplace with styles from the neighboring Caucasus.

  • Which material used in Kilims?

Likewise, older Turkish Kilims and cotton rugs are in all likelihood to have wool warp threads even as newer Kilims frequently have a cotton foundation.

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Antique Prayer Rug

Antique Turkish prayer rug



Antique Turkish prayer rug

Antique Turkish prayer rug

Antique and Vintage Turkish prayer rug and Muslim Prayer rugs constitute a very special genre with the sector of carpets. Technically any small carpet or rug can be used for the purpose of praying, so, by way of default, any small rug could be a prayer rug. still, plainly the prayer layout rug as a selected kind or style emerged exceptionally early inside the records of Islamic carpet design. What distinguishes a vintage prayer rug in terms of format is the usage of an arched doorway, niche, or “mihrab” design motif.



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Ubiquitous across the carpet weaving areas, prayer rugs have been frequently specific to the villages wherein they have been made. person styles and motifs were created by the weavers and contained designs related to the tribe, or more generalized gadgets related to prayer. mainly in Caucasian prayer rugs, factors of the day by day life are featured, inclusive of the weaver’s combs, animals, birds, and vegetation. some prayer rugs include a pitcher to remind the committed to washing earlier than prayer, or small regions denoting where to put one’s palms all through prayer. Stars are used to depict the heavenly international that human beings are one part of. (some Caucasian prayer rugs are significantly embellished with putting hand designs flanking the mihrab.) but those particular ornamentations had been no longer a requirement, instead, they are the defining features of the specific weaver, who would frequently consist of motifs from the village or tribe they had been part of, as well as patterns which can be totally imaginative.

  • The colors are Bleeding

genuine Oriental rugs must handiest be dyed with all-herbal vegetable dyes. while the practice of hand-knotting oriental rugs commenced, centuries in the past, chemical dyes have been not even near being invented!

in case you now not best want a lovely area rug however additionally need the enjoyment of owning a rug that is rooted in history and royalty, vegetable dyes are the handiest way to move!

most dyes will appear first rate and true to exactly what you’re searching out, but the actual test is how well they ultimate underneath a stain and frequent site visitors.

determining whether or not the dyes are correct or bad lies within whether or no longer the dyes are colorfast. the use of a dye this is colorfast is essential to developing a long time-lasting oriental rug. although tough to decide, you can take a look at it by way of taking a humid material and leaving it on the pinnacle of the rug in a single day. tomorrow, if there is a shade on the cloth (transferred dye), the dye is not strong or colorfast. some chemical dyes can be quite stable however will ultimately transfer poisonous chemicals while dampened.

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Rug Cleaning

Best Rug Store in Dallas, TX



Top 10 Best Rug Store in Dallas, TX

Top 10 Best Rug Store in Dallas, TX

You can choose Dallas Carpet / Rug Cleaning, the best carpet cleaning company, the closest carpet cleaning company to you. Professional rug cleaning factories. Companies that are aware of their corporate responsibility.

Top 10 Best Rug Store in Dallas, TX

  • Everyone wants the carpets in their home to look clean and bright without losing the color of the first day and to be able to use their rugs for many years.
  • Dust accumulating on the carpets is removed with a broom machine while cleaning the house.
  • When drinks such as tea and coffee are spilled on them, they are wiped clean with temporary solutions.
  • However, these are not enough to clean the rug/carpet in the long run. Situations such as leaking of some stains to the bottom and continuous use cause the carpet to wear out.

At the same time, invisible creatures start to take their place in rugs that are not thoroughly cleaned for a long time. These can cause adverse health effects. Especially, the need for rug cleaning of people who have pets at home increases even more. All these reasons create the need for deep cleaning of carpets. For this cleaning, you can send your carpets to carpet cleaning companies for special washing.

How Should I Choose a Rug Cleaning Company?


  • Some products to be used during the carpet washing process may shorten the life of the carpet.
  • Shampoo or detergent choices that do not match the carpet texture, products with too high or too low pH value, bleaches damage the structure of the rug.
  • It also causes discoloration.
  • Another point to be considered in carpet washing is to wash the carpet fringes carefully. Since there are many carpet washing companies in the market, the options are also quite high.
  • For this reason, most people have trouble searching for a company or are not satisfied with the result of the company they find. Since many people want carpet washing to be economical, the company chooses low prices.

This choice may not always give correct results. Washing your carpet cheaply may seem advantageous in a short time, but this selection may result in renewing your carpet. Therefore, it is important to choose a competent, reliable, and quality company for carpet washing. With such a choice, you are more likely to be satisfied with the result and you will not be in constant search for a company. In addition, maintaining your carpet regularly with the same company strengthens the customer-company relationship. If you want your carpet to have a long-lasting and healthy use, you should have it thoroughly cleaned regularly.

Where, Which Companies Can I Find?

If you are looking for a rug cleaning company in Dallas – Texas, you should look for Nomads Loom. You will be satisfied with our service understanding that attaches importance to hygiene conditions, quality, reliable and customer satisfaction.

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